Honor System


PVP in R.O.H.A.N.:Mythical may be hectic and exciting, but it does follow the code of the Honor System. Players can battle at any time to earn honor points, these points are accumulated via kills, collecting crones, and logging in to the game. You can earn prizes based on the number of points you have accumulated!

Players can battle at any time to earn Honor Points. Players will collect Honor Points by accumulating Kills, Obtaining Crones from Monsters and loging in. Prizes are earned based on the amount of points accumulated.

  • Players under level 30 cannot PvP
  • If a user attempts to kill a player 10 levels lower than his level, the user will not be rewarded any Honor Points and will not be registered to the Hit List.
  • If a low level user kills a high level player, the low level user will be rewarded with Honor Points and it will be Registered to the Hit List.
  • Corpse camping is not permitted under any circumstances. Your name will be pulled from the ranking system and appropriate action will be taken.
  • Players will be able to earn prizes b accumulating Honor Points. Earned prizes can be found by clicking the PvP Honor button at the top left and then clicking "See Offer" in the new menu.
  • Accumulated points will be reset with every bi-weekly maintenance. All unclaimed prizes will also be cleared and lost.
  • Honor Points can be accumulated by unique kills, Hunting for Crones or logging in.
  • Players below 10 levels of yours will display their names in yellow color.

  • How to accumulate Honor Points
    PvP Activity:
    Every Kill earns you 3 Honor Points
    Every death earns you 1 Honor Point
    Hunting Activity:
    1 Point per 100,000 Crones from Monster hunting
    Log-In Activity:
    1 Point for Each 50 minutes of Log-In Time