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The Game is FULL of Player Vs. Player Action! There are many different ways to fight your enemies, and lots of rewards for doing so! A system that is unique, is the Vengeance system!

Kheso025 [RANGER] 465 Dread Misery Exodus
Rik0 [RANGER] 413 [Cyclops] RohanPH
BTQSADPERSON [RANGER] 402 Sightseer Lakad Matatag
Hersheys [RANGER] 353 Dread Misery
CornGrits [RANGER] 327 Sylvan Peregrine Lakad Matatag
Fuzzy [RANGER] 317 Dread Misery Lakad Matatag
JackSparroW [RANGER] 218 Sylvan Peregrine
Siobe [AVENGER] 197
JunggleR [RANGER] 189 Sylvan Peregrine
RaTBu [RANGER] 178 Dread Misery Exodus
Lucilfer [RANGER] 172 Dread Misery Lakad Matatag
Izanagi [BERSERKER] 153 Eternal Soul Lakad Matatag
xXxRaidDeviLxXx [RANGER] 149 Dread Misery NewGroundz
KitKAAt [RANGER] 142
OneHitBurit [DRAGON SAGE] 129 Dread Misery
lKULOTl [AVENGER] 123 Fearful Raiments Exodus
lSplitterl [RANGER] 119
xDavis [RANGER] 113 Sightseer Revolution
Trina [RANGER] 105
MExHobbs [RANGER] 104 Sightseer NewGroundz

Each character is allotted one PVP opportunity for every 3 hours of playtime.

  • Available number of kills begins at 10 with 1 point deducted upon each PVP victory.
  • Kill counts less than 10, with the last PVP as the basis, rises by 1 count for every 1 hour of playtime.
  • Keep track of your 3-hour PVP session with the timer at the bottom of the Hit list interface. The timer will be reset with the start of a PVP session.
  • If all 10 allotted counts are depleted, your character is indicated as a Murderer, and you cannot engage in PK or PVP for 10 hours of playtime to revert to normal mode.
  • Immediately preceding becoming a Murderer, by employing Repent, double-speed count recovery is provided to Humans via the Cathedral Keeper and other races via Town Head Guards (to be implemented).
  • Upon becoming a Murderer, character name will turn red and your character will be subjected to attacks from other players and guard NPCs stationed at town gates.
  • Murderers can be attacked without incurring a deduction in the available kill count.

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