Arrendal Option Transmutation
The Arrendal weapon grows up, but it doesn't have any option like any other Item found in R.O.H.A.N. So to make up for this weak point, the players can use the Transmutation System.

Upon success, the Ancient Weapon's options can be transmuted to the Arrendal. If the Arrendal previously had options, the options will be replaced to the new weapons.

Arrendal Transmutation System
It is a system for Transmuting options from Ancient Weapons to the Arrendal If the Ancient weapon's level is higher than the Arrendal, the players will have to level refine that material in order to use the Transmutation. Upon failure, there is no penalty to the Arrendal, but the material will be gone. If it succeeds, the old options of the Arrendal will be gone but the material weapons options will be applied to the Arrendal. You can use the Arrendal Transmutation Preservation Stone of our Item Mall to preserve the material upon failure. The Upgrade Equipment can be used to transfer all it's stats to the Arrendal, however use with caution as your Upgrade can be destroyed upon failure if you don't use an Arrendal Transmutation Preservation Stone.

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